Analysis and Interpretation

Are you struggling to see what makes the most profit in your Business? Do you understand where you are spending money? Can you identify your most lucrative clients?

The answers to these kind of questions will allow you to make informed decisions that will drive your Business into growth and allow you to progress with your desired strategy.

Having a better understanding of your Business finances allows you to identify opportunities, remove or amend poorly performing propositions and respond better to challenges.

Excellence can work with you to analyse your financial results and identify the relevant Business performance indicators. We can interpret this information and provide you with the insight that you require, in a clear and understandable way.

Cash flow forecasting

Do you know what cash requirements you have in the future? Are you paying your suppliers efficiently? Is a lack of cash holding you back from growing your Business?

Your Business could end the year showing profit but still run out of cash. Cash inflows from clients can take time to arrive, yet at the same time, you may have suppliers demanding payment or they will stop your supply. By planning for circumstances like these, you can identify when you may need a loan or other means of finance.

Cash is the lifeline of any Business and by managing your cash flow, you can plan effectively to ensure you can pay your suppliers and employees and focus on fulfilling your strategy and objectives.

Excellence can help you to understand your cash flow and how that affects your Business now and in the future.

Business planning

Are all areas of your Business working towards the same goal? Do they know what that goal is? Are you allocating your time, effort and resources to the right things, do these align with your short and long term goals?

Creating a Business plan allows you to see the whole picture of your Business and ensure that everything is aligned to achieve common goals and objectives.

For start-ups and small businesses, a business plan will provide strategic focus to ensure that their skills, products and target markets all match.

For larger and more established businesses, a business plan that you review and revise regularly helps you to keep focus on priorities and milestones and respond to change and challenges where appropriate whilst maintaining strategic alignment.

Excellence can work with you to create your Business plan enabling you to see the big picture.

Financial Modelling

Underlying all of the above services that Excellence provides are robust financial models.

A financial model is used when you need to visualise a financial situation. We use historic data, market data and assumptions to perform calculations that generate an expected outcome.

Forecasts/budgets – whether used as part of an annual process, a rolling review, a specific project or forming part of your business plan, a forecast/budget model is an integral part of understanding what the future may hold for your Business.

Proposition/client profitability – to understand more about your Business and what makes money, financial models are used to perform analysis on your results.

Excellence can design, build, support and a rebuilt your financial models. We will provide you with financial models that support your Business in making informed decisions.

Supplementing day-to-day finance tasks with added-value

Do you find that the Finance team are too busy with their day-to-day tasks? Do you get to month end, receive a management accounts pack but no insight as to what they are telling you? Do you find the annual budget a challenge on resources each year?

Analysis, Interpretation, Cash flow management, Business Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, these are all so important to add value to your Business and can often be overlooked because the Finance team don’t have the time or skills available.

Excellence can work with you on these tasks to complement the work your Finance team performs.

Spreadsheet efficiency / Excel help

Do you have spreadsheets that are not fit for purpose? Do they take too long to produce the information you want? Are they slow or crash regularly?

Spreadsheets are intended to make our lives easier, but sometimes, if not built correctly they can just add to the problem.

Excellence can design, build, support and rebuild your spreadsheets to make them work more efficiently and effectively.